Shipping Lithium Batteries Safely

Some most expensive and important components of electric vehicles are the Lithium ion batteries. You can say lithium-ion batteries are the heart of an electric vehicle system because we know around 40 to 50 percent of overall cost only because of Lithium ion batteries. Between 2025 Lithium ion batteries demand for EV application is going to skyrocket as per Government of India we need at least 10 gwh power of lithium-ion cells by the year of 2022 and about 60 gwh energy  by 2025 and 120 gwh by 2030.

Epsilon advanced materials

Epsilon advance material is the first Lithium ion cell manufacturing company in India they have set up the first Lithium ion in the initial stage they had started their manufacturing mainly for the graphite anode material for lithium ion battery now they are planning from July 2021 they will start the cathode material manufacturing .according to Epsilon advance material they will first of all to invest 60 billion rupees to produce over 1 lakh tones of synthetic graphite by 2030 this accounts 10% of total Global demand for lithium ion cell  manufacturing. The main aim of this company is to make lithium ion battery raw material to combat Chinese lithium ion battery manufacturers. because in India we are mainly putting our lithium-ion batteries from China.

Next charge

Switzerland best company Leclanché and Exide industry form the joint venture for making Lithium ion batteries in India this joint venture is called next charge Sudheer planning first of all import the cells from lakeland plant in Germany and then it will start later production in India as per report they will set up a 1.5 gw power plant near to Ahmedabad Gujarat.

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C4 V battery

C4 V battery is a US + lithium ion battery manufacturing company .They are initially planning to set up manufacturing plant in Karnataka .the initial investment will be 4000 crore in the state as per report their planning to set up a 5 gw power plant in the state and also create a 4000 direct job opportunities

Impress Technology Limited

this is a Technology Limited or ATL Technology is basically a Japanese company so they are planning to invest for setting up a lithium ion battery manufacturing plant in India they already Run their to sell manufacturing facilities in China so in this year in 2021 the ATL plans to invest around 7,000 crore in next 5 years to supply batteries to to Indian industry including the search smartphone industry two wheeler and three wheeler electric vehicles

Tata Chemicals

Tata Chemicals also acquired 127 acres land in Dholera Gujarat for it manufacturing facility active materials Lithium ion cells and also for the batteries in India initially they are planning around 10 gw per annum production capacity manufacturing plant in India initially they will invest around 4,000 crore for this total manufacturing plant .in India there are other companies are in this list also they are  preparing for this lithium-ion cell manufacturing market .recently Government of India announced their project link incentive for production of Lithium ion batteries we hope in future we will be self reliant in terms of making Lithium ion cell manufacturing in India.

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