Lithium-ion Battery Future Trend

Lithium-ion battery is the core component of electric vehicles, grid trough periods of surplus electricity can be stored and used to drive an electric car, you can implement the strategy of low power instead of oil, reduce our demand for oil and improve urban air quality, battery store excess electricity during peak hours back to the grid can also achieve peaking. Once the grid has a strong ability to regulate the power of solar, wind, geothermal, ocean energy and other clean power generation means for generating intermittent easily into the grid, clean energy will gain large-scale applications, which solve mankind’s energy and environmental problems It will have a crucial role.

Characteristics of the lithium-ion battery industry is the quantity, but the large scale, high technology and equipment of small, has a strong capability of independent innovation and even less, companies need to strengthen the capability of independent innovation, and actively participate in cooperative development, it it is possible to achieve extraordinary development. Also in the following three aspects we must be prepared.

  1.  do a lot to reduce cost.
  2.  enhance their technical level and quality of products.
  3.  with international standards directly.

The main market is talking about electric bicycles in recent years actually existing lithium-ion batteries from the market point of view. Development of lithium-ion battery is still a long way to go now just entering the field of electric bicycles, used in electric cars, electric boats, aspects of energy storage devices.

storage battery. China’s lithium-ion battery business should actively accelerate the lithium-ion battery research and development speed, lower costs relentless efforts, while improving their technological level and product quality, for a start ahead of the world, with direct international standards, occupy enough market share. Lithium battery power will face a rapid development stage, it depends on the establishment of the current tight energy market, environmental requirements and new energy systems. Therefore, enterprises, should grasp the current opportunity to capture the market as soon as possible. Meanwhile, speaking from the government, industry standards, and policies on this basis for the battery industry cooperation is essential.

Since the lithium-ion battery business and industry rely on the development of a number, but is still in the early stage of development, so as a part of the whole industry chain, companies need to actively respond to the clear industry trends, accurate positioning, enhance management level, to stabilize the market and production as well as research and development team, technical reserves, has made a comparative advantage in the fierce competition in the industry.