used for personal or commercial purposes


EV Chargers in India

 India has embarked on an ambitious program to introduce EV (Electric Vehicle) in a big way to transform the entire transport sector. Given this stated objective to decarbonise the whole transport sector, VerdeMobility, a unit of System level Solutions, has joined hands with one of the largest operators of Sigfox, iWire Technologies, to develop the world’s first Sigfox enabled, Electric Vehicle Charging Stations.

It is the first of its kind low-cost EV charging solutions manufactured in India. The different product variants can be used for personal or commercial purposes, drawing power from the grid or solar systems. With a mobile app that allows the vehicle owner to find the nearest available charging station, make payments based on charge and online, this unique machine is the ‘thing’ every Government, Company with fleets, Mall owners, petrol pumps, need to implement. Both companies aim to manufacture chargers in India and supply solutions across the globe. 

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